Quote1 I got a call from Wesley this morning. He was at the airport. I think he feared someone might try to stop him. Crazy stunt for someone of his age to pull. That much travel. It will be the death of him. God, I envy him. Quote2
-- Ted Knight

Appearing in "Infernal Devices, Part 1"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Infernal Dr. Pip

Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Sloane (Death)
  • Dudley Donovan




Synopsis for "Infernal Devices, Part 1"Edit

A mad bomber, the Infernal Dr. Pip, is planting his wares all over Opal City. Jack tracks the criminal down with a little help from his newly acquired stoolie, Dudley Donovan. When Jack confronts Dr. Pip, he almost gets himself killed, but the heroic ghost of the Black Pirate saves him.


  • Earlier in the story, Jack Knight receives a letter from Dian Belmont. She writes that she and Wesley have decided to take a final trip around the world. They went east, to the Orient. Soon after she died of natural causes. While confronting Mordru, Wesley leaped to his doom from a mountaintop in Tibet.[1] The couple left money for Jack to open his new shop.


  • The cover states; "After Pyle." Howard Pyle was an American artist best known for his illustrations of pirates and buccaneers. His Book of Pirates was originally published in 1921.

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