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Starrware Industries

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Starrware Industries
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Starrware Labs; Starrware, Inc.


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Founded by former Ultimate Computer Corporation programmer Karen Starr. She was able to finance the corporation through strong, optimistic investors such as Harlan Brooks. Though not located in Silicon Valley like its contemporaries, Starrware Industries still enjoyed moderate success on the East Coast. Brooks eventually challenged Karen's ability to run the company, calling a board meeting to vote upon whether she was still qualified enough to head Starrware.[1] However, in the 1990's, shortly before the IT-bubble burst, Karen sold the corporation, earning a vast fortune.[2]

In the early 21st century, Karen committed much of her resources to buying back shares, of the corporation, she once owned.[3]

Starrware Labs

The corporation's main subsidiary, which also houses Karen Starr's office. Starrware's efforts towards progressive technology in providing solutions to the planet's environmental problems. One of these solutions was the Drexler Chamber designed by physicist Eric Drexler. The chamber used nanotechnology to conduct complex tasks in a controlled environment.[4]

Starrware, Inc.

A software company. It's currently unknown, whether or not Karen Starr bought Starrware, Inc. back, along with the rest of Starrware Industries.

The Starr Foundation for orphaned children

After Karen Starr sold her company, she earned a vast fortune. More money then she could ever spend. So, being an orphan herself, she decided to found a charitibal foundation, to aid orphaned children.


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  • The actual size of the Starrware Industries (and if it's got more subsidiaries, than Starrware Labs & Starrware, Inc.) is currently unknown.


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