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Steel's Armor MK II

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Steel's Armor MK II
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Mark II
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Louise Simonson; Chris Batista
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After his original armor be destroyed in Egine City by Superboy to prevent Eradicator controlling it, John Henry Irons returned to the Metropolis to rebuild.


  • Durability: Like its predecessor, the mark II armor was composed of a durable steel alloy. This enabled it to survive physical stresses such as gunfire, explosion, atmospheric reentry, and the rigors of space.[1]
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Flight
  • Sensor System: The armor was designed to mimic Superman's vision and hearing. It was able to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum and an expanded range of sound frequencies. In addition it had radiation and movement detectors.
  • Energy System: While its main power source was an array of solar cells, it was also able to absorb heat and electricity to replenish its energy reserves.[2]
  • Life Support: It had internal reserves of water, energy, and air. It was also equipped with a filtration/recycling system and a system to control its internal temperature. This also incorporated a breathing mask designed by Ted Kord for use in space.[3]
  • Teleportation: A later addition to the armor was incorporation of teleportation technology.[4]


  • Rivet Cannon: A short range weapon that fired red-hot rivets similar to those used in construction.
  • Sledgehammer: A standared sledgehammer which could be summoned and attached to the armor by electromagnets in the gauntlets and belt.[5]


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