Stopping the Show
Betty Boop series
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Directed by Dave Fleischer
Produced by Max Fleischer
Voices by Mae Questel (uncredited)
Gus Wickie
Music by Sammy Timberg
Animation by Roland Crandall
Rudolph Eggeman
Al Eugster (uncredited)
Studio Fleischer Studios
Distributed by Paramount Publix Corporation
Release date(s) August 12, 1932
Color process Black-and-white
Running time 8 mins
Language English

Stopping the Show is a 1932 Fleischer Studios animated short, directed by Dave Fleischer. While it is not the first appearance of Betty Boop, it is the first short to be credited as "A Betty Boop Cartoon."


Betty Boop appears on stage in a vaudeville theatre. Her act consists of imitations of real-life singers, including Helen Kane, Fanny Brice and Maurice Chevalier. The cartoon audience enthusiastically cheers and applauds.

Notes and comments

  • When the short was originally released, it contained a scene showing Betty singing Helen Kane's song "That's My Weakness Now." Kane, who was involved in a lawsuit over Betty's resemblance to her, complained, and the studios were forced to remove the scene from future prints.
  • Clips from this short were later reused in 1934's Betty Boop's Rise to Fame.

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