Quote1 Good morning, tiny white men. I am Fuji. You are under arrest by authority of StormWatch, the United Nations special crisis intervention unit. Do not resist, or I shall have to bend your small bodies into more easily portable shapes. And you wouldn't want that. Quote2
-- Fuji

Appearing in "Strange Weather: Hard Rain"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dr. Robert Girard
  • Senator John Kane



  • StormWatch Fetish

Synopsis for "Strange Weather: Hard Rain"Edit

A new chapter in the lives of Stormwatch begins now. Jackson King, formerly Battalion, is the current Weatherman and he has at his disposal a small group of super-powered agents, including Flint, Hellstrike, Fuji, Winter and Fahrenheit.

They hold a press conference to have a better public image in America, but some American troops arrive to arrest them. Seeing as how they were standing on UN soil, the troops are rendered moot and they leave.

Upon Skywatch, Weatherman learns of a potential threat and calls in Stormwatch Black.


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