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John Doran stands before the remains of the 18th Precinct and contemplates all the things the Post Human Division has had to endure since it's inception. Void appears before him and teleports him to the future. He is confronted by the destruction of the world and Void tells him he must discover how it happened. John runs into Fahrenheit and she says she's glad that he's alive. She then tells John that he died, but he did so fighting.

They are teleported to Skywatch III, Stormwatch's newest orbiting station. There he sees that Jackson King is running things and trying to make sense of what happened in the world. He talks about a huge amount of superhumans battling around the globe before something happened that destroyed most of the world. Jackson seems determined to rectify the situation no matter what he has to do.

After learning that the rest of the P.H.D. team is alive and operating in different parts of the world, Void returns and teleports John back. As they leave, Jackson orders an analysis of Void's temporal energies for reasons unknown. When John returns, he gathers the members of the P.H.D. team and tells them what he saw.


  • Jackson King's explanation about "items" found in one of Henry Bendix's bunkers that was used to fund Skywatch III is reference to the events of Authority Prime.
  • This issue strongly explains the resurrections of Fahrenheit, Fuji, Hellstrike, and Winter in Stormwatch: Post Human Division #5 due to the actions of the future Jackson King and the utilization of Void's powers.


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