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Appearing in the 1st StoryEdit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Alias (First appearance) (Behind the scenes)




Synopsis for the 1st StoryEdit

It’s 1:00 in the afternoon and Santini, Tefibi and Weiss are picking up a car at the Atlanta International Airport. They also go and grab some “special” luggage. Once they have their package and their car they head out on the road. While Tefibi drives Santini briefs Weiss on the area they’re heading towards. Tefibi asks why they’re using such low tech methods instead of just teleporting in using Project Entry. Santini tells him that teleporters leave energy traces and he doesn’t want anyone to know they were there. Plus, he thinks it will be cool to just walk in through the front door. They keep driving until they see a billboard near the road and Santini tells Tefibi to pull over. All three of them pile out of the car and then they get to work altering it. They change the plates to government ones and switch the tires. After their work is done they take a look at the package they picked up. Inside is an alien laptop for Tefibi and a pistol for Weiss. Weiss feels like he’s been slighted until Tefibi fills him in on what the gun can do. It has better range than any other handgun and fires specially designed rifle ammunition. The weapons talk turns into sex talk and Weiss starts making fun of Tefibi. Santini splits them up and they get to the real work. They put on FBI uniforms and Santini grabs some more weapons from the trunk.

They keep driving and as they’re nearing their destination they pass a cotton field. Santini sings Jaeger a little of “Oh I wish I were in the land o’ cotton” and tells him that the man they’re going to see is really big on the old traditions. They soon pull up to a large white mansion guarded by armed men. In the back of the vehicle Tefibi tells Santini that he’s gotten control of all cell phone towers. Santini tells him to grab the land lines too then says that the computer was basically just an alien palm pilot and promises him their version of the desktop if he keeps doing his job right. The guards come up to the car and ask for their badges so they can be checked out and Santini hands them over. Tefibi is monitoring the guards conversation on their walkie-talkies as they check out the badges and he sends out something from the computer than makes them think that whoever is on the other end has confirmed that they’re FBI. He didn’t think it would even work, but it allows them to get into the building unmolested. They are escorted to the office of Sonny Terns by a civil servant and greeted nicely by the man himself. He asks what they’ve come for and Santini tells Tefibi to make their meeting private. The technician uses the laptop to shut off and erase the listening devices in the room and then has Jaeger Weiss stand outside.

Terns demands to know what’s going on and in response Santini flips on the TV and puts on C-Span. On the screen is a meeting about the United Nations funding where Santini is arguing to get the money Stormwatch is owed. Santini explains that the man on the screen is a shape shifter named Alias who’s giving him an alibi by being seen on TV. With everyone believing Santini is elsewhere, he can do whatever he wants to Sonny. Terns sees how much danger he’s in and tries to get Santini to calm down. He can’t get him to back off though and Santini asks him why he and Ivana Baiul are trying to kill him and his team. Terns starts talking about how SPBs are a resource and how the US can't fall behind in the superhuman arms race. Santini asks what that has to do with Team Achilles and Terns says that he knows that his teams goal is to kill SPBs and he won't allow that. That's why he stopped the funding from reaching Stormwatch, so no SPBs from another country could come in and take over his country. While they're talking Terns activates a hidden switch to call in his guards. Tefibi sees it and starts freaking out but Santini tells him to wait. Moments later the door to the hall opens and Weiss steps in carrying a body. Apparently the switch had called the guards, who were tech-enhanced SPBs. Weiss had killed them all and when he came back to the room he thanked Tefibi for his gun.

Terns begins to get little nervous but says that Santini can't kill him. Santini tells him that the last guy who told him that got gunned down in his office, but he says that's not what's going to happen now. He says that an important, racist thug senator like Sonny Terns needs special treatment. He's going to have Alias, who not only is an SPB, but also Dutch and Zulu, take his place and pretend to be him from now on while he spends his life trapped in a special cell in the basement of Team Achilles' building watching everything Santini has Alias do and say in his name. Then they shove him in a crate, throw him in the trunk and blow up his house.


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