Quote1 Call the cops! What do you want me to do -- write a letter?! Call the cops!! Quote2
-- Deadman

Appearing in "How Many Times Can A Guy Die? Part 3"Edit

Featured Characters:


  • The Eagle
  • Mike

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Synopsis for "How Many Times Can A Guy Die? Part 3"Edit

While in the body of Pete, a circus helper, Deadman discovers that the Eagle is using his acrobatic talents by staging jewel heists from skyscraper offices. Unforunately, Deadman (in Pete's body) is discovered, and Eagel's gang chases him onto a Ferris wheel. Eagle and Deadman (still as Pete) have a deadly hand-to-hand fight that climaxes with Eagle throwing Pete from the top car. Deadman quickly enters Tiny's body, who is below, and uses it to catch Pete safely. Eagle and his gang are arrested by the police, who arrive just in time to save Tiny, Pete, Lorna, and other circus people from being shot to death by Eagle's henchmen. While talking with a policeman, Deadman (in Tiny's body) learns that Eagle staged another robbery on the West Coast on September 10th. Since that was the day he was shot, Deadman knows that Eagle cannot be his killer.



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