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Synopsis for "The Little Black Box!"Edit

A ruthless business man receives a small black box in the mail and thinks about how he has no friends and that it could be sent from an enemy who wishes him harm. After thinking through several people who could wish him ill he finally opens it to find that it is a box of cookies from his mother, which persuades him to have a change of heart and mail off a thousand dollar check for charity.

Appearing in "The Prisoner!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Prisoner!"Edit

When Aladdin's genie is freed by a communist who wishes for more powerful weapons than the United States and vast armies to conquer the free world, the genie voluntarily returns to his imprisonment inside the lamp.

Appearing in "Uncle Ed and the Men from Space"Edit

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Synopsis for "Uncle Ed and the Men from Space"Edit

A kid with an uncle who is constantly bluffing about how good of a hunter he is meets up with Martians who attempt to bluff them, but the humans call their bluff.

Appearing in "Magic Words!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Magic Words!"Edit

A Gypsy woman gives a shy man a potion to boost his confidence.

Appearing in "Man of Mystery"Edit

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Synopsis for "Man of Mystery"Edit

A man builds a toy robot to steal gems for him but the robot has a conscience and turns him in.


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