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Synopsis for "The Illusion!"Edit

The last survivor on Earth after a comet impact begins to hallucinate other people are still alive.

Appearing in "The Totem!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Totem!"Edit

Greedy men take a boat to Alaska where they hope to steal a totem which they think is made of gold, but it turns out to consist of yellow creatures which shrink them and force the leader to assume bottom place on the totem.

Appearing in "Power!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Power!"Edit

A coven track down a hillbilly they claim possesses the sorcerer's wand, but are dismayed when they discover the man is too lazy to want to apply himself to committing evil mischief.

Appearing in "I Dare You to Look!"Edit

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Synopsis for "I Dare You to Look!"Edit

A known liar from the past is chased into a tree which contains stairs into modern time. When he returns, with one of his fellows as a witness no less, their story is still not believed and they are punished by dunking.

Appearing in "The Third Arm!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Third Arm!"Edit

A man rides a diving bell down to an air-filled cave at the bottom of a lake. Inside, he finds three-armed men who claim only the worst men are sent down to serve as labor which requires the growth of a third arm. He escapes back up the diving bell, but the three-men pursue him.


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