Appearing in "Something Is On This Ship!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Something Is On This Ship!"Edit

The first mate of a ship tries to convince the captain that there are spooks aboard his ship, but when the captain's hair turns white at something he's seen, the first mate begins to wonder if there really are spooks aboard.

Appearing in "The Metal Master!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Metal Master!"Edit

An artist creates a robot to paint for him but smashes it when it turns the tables and forces him to paint.

Appearing in "More Than A Mortal!"Edit

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Synopsis for "More Than A Mortal!"Edit

A man with a theory that Shakespeare was more than mortal murders his uncle for his money, but Shakespeare's ghost contrives to make him own up to the crime.

Appearing in "Hide-Out!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Hide-Out!"Edit

An owner of criminal hide-outs comes across a wishing jewel that he uses to eliminate his competition but when he gets raided by the police he realizes that there is no where to run because his competitors have all been put out of business.

Appearing in "Nothing Can Stop It"Edit

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Synopsis for "Nothing Can Stop It"Edit

A chemist tries to make a solvent that can eat through anything for criminal purposes but when succeeds, he realizes that he failed to consider nothing could contain such a compound.

Appearing in "The Shock!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Shock!"Edit

A deadbeat finds that when his foot makes contact with a power cord and he touches the radiator the shock he receives teleports him to distant towns at random. He decides to use this to steal the company payroll, but with the police right behind him, he doesn't get the shock from the radiator. He realizes one of the bills he hasn't paid is from the electric company.


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