Appearing in "Who Dwells Below?"Edit

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Synopsis for "Who Dwells Below?"Edit

Undersea men leave statues floating upon the surface to act as bait to capture surface men.

Appearing in "The Too-Perfect Crime!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Too-Perfect Crime!"Edit

Police arrest a chemist for murdering his partner when they find his body at the bottom of the stairs and he had left a note indicating that they had quarreled. The thing is, he did not kill him. He was busy using his invisibility potion to rob the bank but he is unable to convince the police to believe his alibi since he burned the money and formula when he saw the police approaching.

Appearing in "The Disappearance"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Disappearance"Edit

A pilot flies a new plane that is so fast it goes 5000 years into Egypt's past and he marries Pharaoh's daughter. He mysteriously pops back into the present, but the plane stays in the past. The court martial is going to throw the book at him for telling such a preposterous story, but archeologists in Egypt uncover the plane in a burial crypt.

Appearing in "Nobody Will Ever Know!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Nobody Will Ever Know!"Edit

A nobody gets struck by cosmic rays and they give him super powers which he uses to combat various menaces. The powers wear off after a time, but his experience has given him a new positive outlook on life.

Appearing in "You Must Not Pass"Edit

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Synopsis for "You Must Not Pass"Edit

Various motorists pass a detour sign which cause them to rethink the paths which their actions have taken them down.

Appearing in "The Bullet-Proof Man"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Bullet-Proof Man"Edit

A convict develops a shield that will protect him from bullets but he finds that he cannot dissolve it.


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