Appearing in "They Meet at Night!"Edit

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Synopsis for "They Meet at Night!"Edit

A Martian arrives to capture an Earth man, but he mistakenly abducts another Martian who had arrived a thousand years ago and disguised himself as a human.

Appearing in "Prophet of Doom!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Prophet of Doom!"Edit

A bank robber who thinks he can foresee the future brings about his own capture when he foresees the train he is on being in a wreck and pulls the emergency cord to exit. Since he stopped the train while it was on the tracks, it is indeed struck by another train and he gets clipped by a flying piece of debris which gives the authorities time to catch up and apprehend him.

Appearing in "A Matter of Life or Death!"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Matter of Life or Death!"Edit

A gardener buys a can of pesticide that the chemical company had accidentally filled with Nitro instead.

Appearing in "Mind Reader!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Mind Reader!"Edit

A Nazi saboteur with the ability to read minds makes friends as a cover with an American who can read minds as well, so when he tries to plant his time bomb at the munitions factory, the American wraps it up as a gift and gives it back to him so that it will detonate killing him and the submarine crew that has picked him up.

Appearing in "Stowaway in the Sky"Edit

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Synopsis for "Stowaway in the Sky"Edit

A man foils spies attempting to steal his plane made of gravity defying metal by outfitting his crew with safety harnesses made of the same material and having them bail out. The spies think the men have been killed, but as they hang motionless, they turn the plane around so that when it lands the spies are captured.

Appearing in "Captured By the Cave Men!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Captured By the Cave Men!"Edit

Two scientists discover a race of people living underground who hunt surface people. They destroy their equipment so that they no longer have access to the surface.



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