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Styx (Legion Personality) (Earth-616)
Real Name
Current Alias
Base Of Operations
Legion's mind, formerly Paris Catacombs, France

Unusual Features
Mummified stick body with sharp claws
Would-be God
Persona of the Mutant Legion
Place of Birth
Legion's mind
First appearance

Quote1.png You're mine, now. Your body a puppet that I move as I wish. Quote2.png
-- Styx


File:David Haller (Earth-616) showing other sub personalities 001.jpg

Styx and the five other rogue personalities.

Following the Fortress X time, where Legion's personas all had a body for themselves, the return to the normal reality left free six of those sub-personalities outside David's body.[1]

He and the X-Men became aware of that only after having tried to use Time-Sink's powers, unsuccessful, and was informed of that using Delphic's divination powers, revealing the rebellion of six personalities: Time-Sink, Chain, Susan in Sunshine, Bleeding Image, Styx and Endgame.[1]

Styx absorbing "Legion"

The six personalities headed to Europe and then split up, Time-Sink staying on Tenerife (Spain), Susan and Chain in London and Styx installed himself in Paris Catacombs, followed by Bleeding Image and Endgame.[2]

A team consisting of Legion, Magneto, Rogue, Frenzy, Gambit and Professor X was assembled to hunt down the rampaging personas for David to reabsorb them into his psyche.[3]

Rogue absorbed along Styx into Legion

During their operation in London, Xavier was kidnapped by Styx who left a trail for David to follow him in Paris,[4] where he sent his henchman Bleeding Image and later directly in the Catacombs.[5]

Once inside, Styx revealed his plan and goal: In order to ascends as God, he wanted to obtain Moira's reality warping powers. However, he was tricked by David and Rogue, using Chain to duplicate David on Rogue) and was reabsorbed by Legion after a violent battle where Rogue merged into Legion.[6]

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Telepathic connexion

  • Telepathy:
    • Soul Absorption: Styx can absorb the spiritual essence of living beings on contact, enslaving their souls and leaving their bodies conscious yet subject to his every command. The souls are stored into an unknown limbo.
      • Mass Mind Control: Styx is granted total control over the beings he had absorbed their souls.
    • Telepathic Connection: Styx is able to use one of his mind-slaves as a channel to a being thoughts, connecting to them and listening to what the target who is not connected is saying. The breaking of the connection can shut down the channel-body.[2]

      Styx's flies trail

    • Insect Control: Ability to command and control vast armies of flies
    • Illusions: Styx was able to generate realistic illusions. The nature of those is unknown, as Magneto wasn't immune, still wearing his helmet. Those illusions may be the product of Xavier's powers.

Paris catacombs redesigned into the Styx

  • Psi-shield: Styx and the five other sub-personalities are somehow protected from psi-scaning, and even the Omega-level Telepath Charles Xavier was unable to perform a psi-contact on an unconscious Time-Sink. It was stated that this shielding was coming from their specific nature, as they weren't "living beings in the conventional sense".[2]

Appearances, Images, and QuotesEdit


Styx sign his actions by leaving a white lily, "for the dead".