Quote1.png We need specialists in the unknown. We need the CHALLENGERS! Quote2.png
-- Gerald Ford

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With world war imminent, President Ford asks June Robbins and the Challengers to find Henry Kissinger, who was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. The Challs circle and hit a "vibration field" that tosses them into another dimension, to an island peopled with time-lost warriors riding triceratops. Vibrations from the beasts' horns knock the Challs cold. (And keep the island hidden in the vibration field.) They're locked up with Kissinger and condemned by The Tribunal. Using electronic gadgets from boot heels, they shatter the cell bars and slip from the castle. Warriors attack, but Prof's gadget negates the brain-numbing horn vibrations. Challs fight, Kissinger swings his briefcase, Ace pilots the jet and scoops up Red Ryan, and whisks them through the vibration field back to Florida. Kissinger thinks the world could learn a lesson from those diverse warriors who banded together. Maybe war itself can become the enemy!

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This story is reprinted from Doom Patrol #87.


"The Devil's Paradise" is an original story.


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