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Quote1.png In my past lives, I was the pal of some of the greatest men who ever lived! And they all died... because of my treachery, cowardice and neglect! If I stick with Superman, I might cause his death too! Quote2.png
-- Jimmy Olsen

Appearing in "Jimmy Olsen's Blackest Deeds!"

Featured Characters:

  • Janus Ocellus
  • Sergeant O'Connel
  • Sir Oliver James

Supporting Characters:

  • Prof. Hugo Blaine (First appearance)
  • Previous Appearance of Superman Superman Next Appearance of Superman


Other Characters:

  • Eric
  • Richard I of England/Richard the Lion-Hearted


  • Roman Arena
  • Roman Senate
  • Confederate Fort
  • Metropolis Biochemical Research Laboratory
  • Ford Theater



Synopsis for "Jimmy Olsen's Blackest Deeds!"

Jimmy Olsen is sent back in time to experience his life in previous incarnations, and believes he was instrumental in the assassinations of Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln and the death of King Richard the Lion-Hearted, until Superman proves otherwise.


  • This issue contains a reprint of "The Menace of Superman's Fan Mail" from Jimmy Olsen #35

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