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Jimmy Olsen is paired with the new Newsboy Legion, the sons of the original boy heroes plus Flippa-Dippa, a newcomer, to investigate the Wild Area, a strange community outside of Metropolis. The boys are given a super-vehicle called the Whiz Wagon for transport. When Clark Kent shows concern for Jimmy, Morgan Edge, owner of Galaxy Broadcasting and the new owner of the Daily Planet, secretly orders a criminal organization called Inter-Gang to kill him. But Kent survives the attempt, and later hooks up with Jimmy and the Newsboy Legion in the Wild Area. The youths have met the Outsiders, a tribe of young people who live in a super-scientific commune called Habitat, and have won leadership of the Outsiders’ gang of motorcyclists. Jimmy and company go off in search of a mysterious goal called the Mountain of Judgment, and warn Superman not to stop them.


  • This issue is one of the keystone comic book issues of the Silver Age era. It foreshadows the development of Jack Kirby's "Fourth World" concept which introduces the New Gods and their nemesis Darkseid. It also introduces the organization known as Intergang, which becomes a recurring villainous faction in the DC Universe for years to come. In addition, Intergang's secret leader, Morgan Edge becomes a mainstay character in the Superman titles for the remainder of the Silver and Bronze Age eras. The character was later re-invented for the Post-Crisis climate. This issue also brought back the concept of the Newsboy Legion, introducing a new Legion formed from the sons of the original World War II era Newsies.


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