Appearing in "The King of Crime!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The King of Crime!"Edit

Jimmy Olsen shaves his head to pass as Winky McCoy, a gangster, in search of a story.

Appearing in "Jimmy Olsen Grows Up!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Jimmy Olsen Grows Up!"Edit

Tired of being treated like a kid because of his age, Jimmy drinks a potion of Professor Potter’s and rapidly ages into manhood, only to discover that his troubles don’t end with his youthfulness.

Appearing in "The Monsters from Earth!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Monsters from Earth!"Edit

The aliens who made a monster movie with Jimmy Olsen have a big hit on their hands, so they make Jimmy Olsen and Superman robots to star in the sequel. But the Jimmy Olsen robot doesn’t want to be destroyed after the movie is finished, so he travels to Earth to destroy the real Jimmy and take his place.


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