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The people of Metropolis celebrates "Superman's Day" in honor of the hero himself. The streets are packed with people, all dressed up in superhero costumes. High above the city, Mr. Mxyzptlk also observe this with amusement.

In their apartment, Lois and Clark argue about the parade. Clark says he isn't going, as he isn't in the mood and there are just too many things that can go wrong. Lois, dressed in her replica of Power Girl's costume, tries to drag him out the door. She says that with all that they have been through, she wants to cut loose. Clark says that someone has to stay outside of the mess with a clear head in case something happens. Exasperated, Lois gives up on convincing Clark and leaves.

At the parade, commentators wonder about Superman's absence as they watch the Superman float proceed down the street, carrying only the Superman actor, Jorge Tomas Christopher, from a popular television show; in which Jorge receive mockery from kids as he passes.

Back inside his apartment, Superman stares at his computer when the monitor screen suddenly comes to life, which Mr. Mxyzptlk removes himself from the computer. Mxyzptlk first asks about their last meeting and then his concerns over Superman's absence from the celebrations. Superman starts to explain, but then just says that he doesn't have to explain anything to Mxyzptlk. With no enthusiasm, he tells the imp that he just wants to get it over with. Mxyzptlk explodes and tells him that he doesn't like his attitude by stating that if Superman just wants to watch from the sidelines, then that is what he can do. In a flash of magic, Superman appears in a strange room, where he is sidelined and cannot escape from.

Reappearing above the parade, Mxyzptlk starts his enjoyment by transforming the parade balloons into a half-dozen hungry Tyrannosaurs. As the dinosaurs crash to the ground, Mxyzptlk spots a incredulous Jorge Tomas and suddenly gets an idea by granting the Superman actor with actual superpowers like Superman's. Although surprised by the turn of events, Jorge use his powers in fighting the dinosaurs.

Staring at the battle on his television screen, Superman demands for Mxyzptlk to stop this. Mxyzptlk reappears before him and simply reply that he is missing a great time. Superman retorts back that the only time he thinks something is fun is when it hurts everyone else. Mxyzptlk objects to it by saying that he has never caused permanent damage to anything, but Superman reminds him of the events of "Emperor Joker". With eyes glowing, Superman tells him that he can take being the butt of his jokes, but he won't tolerate others being involved. Pouting, Mxyzptlk releases Superman to the real world.

In a flash, Superman stops a rampaging Batman robot and round up the dinosaurs in an improvised pen made from I-beams. But just as Superman return, Jorge lost his powers. Down the street, a young girl stands in shock as rubble from a damaged building falls towards her. Without a thought, the actor Superman hurls himself forward and shields the girls from the stone even knowing that he will be killed the process. Fortunately, however, Superman holds up the debris and saving the couple.

Afterwards, Superman shakes the actor's hand for his selfless and extremely brave act towards the little girl. They both turn as the little girl calls for Superman. Superman responds, but the girl throws herself into Jorge's arms and thanks him for saving her. Taking to the sky, Superman waves at the assembled crowd and soars above Metropolis.

Mxyzptlk appears next to Superman and says that he is bothered over the little girl going for the actor. Superman just ignores him and says that once again Mxyzptlk endangered the life of an innocent. Mxyzptlk says that she was never in danger, and she went for Jorge because he was more familiar. He wasn't some distant icon. That was the way Superman was once, and that is the way he needs to be again. Mxyzptlk then says that he taught him a lesson. Superman tells him that he is horrible at teaching lessons, and Mxyzptlk tells him to lighten up. Superman says goodbye and Mxyzptlk, after telling Superman to be in a better mood next time, vanishes in a puff of smoke. Hovering alone, Superman's expression of seriousness slowly transforms into a smile.

The parade resumes, with both Superman and Jorge proudly waving to the crowd from the Superman float.


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