Superman: Speeding Bullets
Superman Speeding Bullets Vol 1 1
Cover for Superman: Speeding Bullets
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Format prestige format one-shot
Publication date January 1993
Number of issues 1
Main character(s) Batman
Thomas Wayne
Martha Wayne
Lois Lane
Perry White
Creative team
Creator(s) J.M. DeMatteis
Eduardo Barreto

Superman: Speeding Bullets is a DC Comics Elseworlds prestige format one-shot comic book published in 1993. It is written by J.M. DeMatteis and features the artwork of Eduardo Barreto. The comic book is based on the concept of an amalgamation of Superman and Batman.


Baby Kal-El crashes into Earth, where he is discovered by Thomas and Martha Wayne. The couple decide to adopt Kal-El, and name him Bruce. One night, Thomas and Martha are gunned down by a mugger. Bruce incinerates the mugger with his heat vision and discovers his superpowers, but it is too late to save his parents. He decides to hide his powers in shame.

Bruce decides to create a secret identity for himself many years later. As the Batman, he begins to brutally strike back at the criminals in Gotham. Meanwhile, criminal Lex Luthor is on the run and is caught in a horribly disfiguring accident. Lex becomes this dimension's version of the clown prince of crime, The Joker.

Bruce is eventually persuaded by Lois Lane that a more hopeful superhero is needed than his dark, violent Batman persona, giving rise to his new, more heroic identity of Superman.


  • Dr. Thomas Wayne: He and his wife, Martha, discover Baby Kal-El's spaceship in a smoldering crater and they adopt the baby. He spends his time journaling his thoughts about his son's origin.
  • Martha Wayne: She nurtures and coddles her son, Kal-El; thoroughly enjoying raising a child she has never had the chance to have herself.
  • Alfred Pennyworth: The Wayne's butler and Bruce's trusted adviser and friend.
  • Lex Luthor: A wealthy genius eventually driven insane in a disfiguring accident.


Superman: Speeding Bullets won the Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award for Favorite Original Graphic Novel or Album for 1993.[1]


The comic was released as a 52-page prestige format one-shot comic book (ISBN 1563891174).

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