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  • This pilot episode is entitled only as Superman but is also known as The Mad Scientist or The Death Ray in later releases.
  • A brief summary of Superman's origin on the planet Krypton is provided in the opening monologue of this episode.
  • Actor Jack Mercer provides the voice for the Mad Scientist in this episode (first and only appearance to date of this character).
  • In this episode, the Daily Planet building resembles the Empire State Building in New York City. The familiar Daily Planet globe is not seen on top of the building until later episodes.


  • In the continuity of the animated series, Superman was raised in an orphanage. No mention is made of his foster parents, John and Mary Kent.
  • The Mad Scientist owns a pet vulture, which acts as his de-facto evil henchman. In a moment of humor, often uncharacteristic of this series, the vulture is seen imitating the mad scientist's movements and actions. He even helps him make adjustments on the Electrothanasia-Ray.
  • This episode was nominated for the category of Best Animated-Short at the 1942 Academy Awards.

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