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Superman, at great peril to himself, absorbs the energies of a supernova into a power canister, and returns with it to Earth. He and Supergirl intend to use it to power an enlarging ray with which to restore Kandor to its normal size. To test it, Superman arranges to have himself shrunken by Brainiac and then enlarged. He accomplishes this by using a supersonic "beacon" device that only Brainiac can hear to lure the computer-villain into a space battle. Superman maneuvers his foe into using the shrink-ray on him, but, when Brainiac tries to do the same to Supergirl, she counterattacks with the enlarging ray, which reverses Brainiac's weapon and causes him and his craft to shrink beyond detection. Later, in the Fortress, Supergirl restores Superman to normal height with the enlarging ray. Superman and Supergirl fly the bottle city of Kandor to a planet beneath a red sun which they have chosen, using a spacecraft to make the trip. There they finally succeed in enlarging Kandor to normal size, shattering the bottle and restoring the Kryptonians within to normalcy. The Kandorians thank their two benefactors and Supergirl has an emotional reunion with her parents, Zor-El and Allura. However, she tells them she has chosen to live on Earth. Shortly afterward, the city itself crumbles into dust, since the enlarger ray only works permanently on living matter. Superman is grief-stricken, but Van-Zee tells him it is for the best; the Kandorians were without initiative, being cared for by Superman for years, and now they have a chance to build a new city through their own efforts, and even conquer a world. Superman asks to be allowed to stay and help them build. Van-Zee, regretting what he must do, knocks Superman unconscious, loads him in the spacecraft, and has Supergirl fly them both into space. Seconds later, since the world the Kandorians have chosen is a phase-world, it slips into another dimension with the shifting of the Cosmic Axis.


  • A previous attempt at restoring Kandor to normal size almost destroyed the Kandorians.[1]


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