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Synopsis for "The Machine!"Edit

A murderer gets the idea of using a time machine to travel 100 years into the future so that his crime will be forgotten, but even though the machine transports him through time he continues to age, so that when the machine arrives in the future the killer has died from old age.

Appearing in "The Strange Shoes!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Strange Shoes!"Edit

A bum finds a pair of magic shoes that grant his wishes, but when he is struck by an auto and wakes in the hospital, the staff have replaced his shoes. He searches for them, but to no avail.

Appearing in "The String of Pearls!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The String of Pearls!"Edit

A woman kills her husband in order to wear a pearl necklace he has refused to let her have. She discounts his story about a giant octopus who seeks revenge for the theft of the pearls, until she glances something in the mirror, and turns round to face the ravenous beast.

Appearing in "The Wrong World"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Wrong World"Edit

A man discovers he has a twin living on counter Earth when a space accident results in his twin's death and he finds himself surviving the crash upon the Earth where the doppelganger's ship fatally crashed. After viewing the man's funeral he returns to his craft and goes back to his own Earth.

Appearing in "Death Comes Calling"Edit

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Synopsis for "Death Comes Calling"Edit

Plague comes to a small town and the doctor there doesn't care whether the people die if they can't afford to pay him. Death makes a bet with him that no one will die of the plague and the doctor accepts thinking it's a sure thing since he's examined several and they were very ill. He takes Death around the town and, sure enough, the sick have recovered. The doctor realizes that Death wants his life and the townspeople are surprised to find the man's corpse in his car, the only one in the town to die from the plague.


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