Appearing in "Alone in the Dark"Edit

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Synopsis for "Alone in the Dark"Edit

Ten-year-old Donald Dugan is scared to death of his creepy Uncle Claude. One night, his parents go out for the evening, leaving Uncle Claude to watch over Donald. Claude reveals that he hates the Dugans because they are always threatening to kill him. He will avenge himself upon them by killing their son at the stroke of midnight. As the clock chimes midnight, Claude goes to attack, but Donald transforms into a werewolf and kills Claude instead. His parents return home. They lament the fact that their son was born a werewolf instead of a vampire like they are.

Appearing in "My Coffin is Crowded"Edit

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Synopsis for "My Coffin is Crowded"Edit

A convict makes a deal with a man that, in exchange for half the stolen loot, he will dig him up if he climbs into a marked coffin with a recently deceased inmate. The ruse works, and he is buried, but hours go by and no one comes to dig him up. He lights a match and sees that the body next to him is the man who was supposed to dig him up.

Appearing in "The Corpse"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Corpse"Edit

A diver kills an old man for his map of a sunken freighter loaded with gold and then gets his air hose snagged by the corpse.

Appearing in "Backstage Madness"Edit

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Synopsis for "Backstage Madness"Edit

An actor wants to get another actor out of the way so he convinces him to take a horror role because he knows this man gets so into his part that he will kill someone eventually and hang. Unfortunately for him, that 'someone' turns out to be him.



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