Appearing in "Hangman's House"Edit

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Synopsis for "Hangman's House"Edit

A false friend invites his rival for the affections of a young lady up to the house owned by the Salem hangman for a week of rest although the house is supposed to be haunted. When they arrive, the man plans to murder his friend through the actions of the hangman's ghost, but he becomes impatient and seizes the rope from the ghost and attempts to strangle his rival himself. He gets caught in the rope as a fire breaks out and perishes.

Appearing in "Mark of the Witch"Edit

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Synopsis for "Mark of the Witch"Edit

In 1564 a witch prosecutor makes the mistake of looking to hide from his former cronies in the cabin of an old woman who turns out to be an actual witch.

Appearing in "The Eyes that Stared!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Eyes that Stared!"Edit

A thief's conscience bothers him after he victimizes an old man and so he convinces himself that the old man is constantly staring at him. After he strangles the old man and the police apprehend him, the land lady reveals that the old man was blind.

Appearing in "Return from the Grave"Edit

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Synopsis for "Return from the Grave"Edit

A man plots to steal the gold bullion out of a ship by placing a bomb on board and bribing one of the crew to destroy the radio so only he will know the position of the ship when the bomb goes off. He hires a sailor to work the diving equipment when he goes to retrieve the gold, but the sailor cuts the airhose to the thief and reveals himself to be the ghost of the destroyed ship's captain.

Appearing in "The Painted Scarf"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Painted Scarf"Edit

When an insane painter kills his model for his last painting, the model comes back as a ghost to extract revenge upon his son and grandson.

Appearing in "Even After Death"Edit

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Synopsis for "Even After Death"Edit

When a man poisons his wife for her money, she vows that he will still be hers even after death. During the evening burial, tremors shake the earth and the gravediggers depart until they cease. They don't see that the husband has fallen into the grave, striking his head and stunning him. When they return to finish up, the lamps have been doused by rain and they are working in near darkness. They bury the husband alive.


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