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The swamp is my world. It is who I am... it is what I am. I was once a man. I know the evil men do. Do not bring your evil here, I warn you. Beware the wrath of Swamp Thing!

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Harvey2.jpg Developers
Walter von Huene; Chuck Bowman; John McPherson; David Jackson; Steve Beers
Harvey2.jpg Runtime
30 min
Harvey2.jpg Executive Producers
MCA/Universal; BBK Productions
Harvey2.jpg Country
Harvey2.jpg Network
USA Network
First Aired
Last Aired

July 27, 1990
May 1, 1993

Swamp Thing was a live-action television series that aired from July, 1990 to May of 1993, spanning three seasons and a total of seventy-two episodes. The series starred Dick Durock as the eponymous Swamp Thing. Durock also played the character in the 1982 Swamp Thing movie, as well as its less successful sequel, Return of the Swamp Thing. It is unclear if the television series takes place in an alternate continuity from the films, but the emergence of a younger Anton Arcane (played by Mark Lindsay Chapman), suggests that the series is separate from that of the movies.


Season One

Episode Air Date
"The Emerald Heart" July 27, 1990
"The Living Image" September 7, 1990
"The Death of Dr. Arcane" September 14, 1990
"The Legend of the Swamp Maiden" September 21, 1990
"Spirit of the Swamp" September 28, 1990
"Blood Wind" October 5, 1990
"Grotesquery" October 12, 1990
"Natural Enemy" October 19, 1990
"Treasure" October 19, 1990
"New Acquaintance" November 2, 1990
"Falco" November 9, 1990
"From Beyond the Grave" November 16, 1990
"The Shipment" November 23, 1990
"Birth Marks" February 1, 1991
"Dark Side of the Mirror" February 8, 1991
"Silent Screams" February 15, 1991
"Walk a Mile in My Shoots" February 22, 1991
"The Watchers" March 1, 1991
"The Hunt" March 8, 1991
"Touch of Death" March 15, 1991
"Tremors of the Heart" March 22, 1991
"The Prometheus Parabola" April 5, 1991

Season Two

Episode Air Date
"Night of the Dying" January 3, 1992
"Love Lost" January 10, 1992
"Mist Demeanor" January 17, 1992
"A Nightmare on Jackson Street" January 24, 1992
"Better Angels" January 31, 1992
"Children of the Fool" February 7, 1992
"A Jury of His Fears" February 14, 1992
"Poisonous" February 21, 1992
"Smoke and Mirrors" February 28, 1992
"This Old House of Mayan" March 6, 1992
"Sonata" March 20, 1992

Season Three

Episode Air Date
"Dead and Married" July 10, 1992
"Powers of Darkness" July 17, 1992
"Special Request" July 24, 1992
"What Goes Around, Comes Around, Comes Around" July 31, 1992
"Fear Itself" August 7, 1992
"Changes" August 14, 1992
"Destiny" August 21, 1992
"Tatania" August 28, 1992
"Mirador's Brain" September 11, 1992
"Lesser of Two Evils" September 19, 1992
"Revelations" September 26, 1992
"Easy Prey" October 3, 1992
"The Handyman" October 10, 1992
"Future Tense" October 17, 1992
"Hide in the Night" October 24, 1992
"Pay Day" October 31, 1992
"The Return of LaRoche" November 7, 1992
"Rites of Passage" November 14, 1992
"Never Alone" November 21, 1992
"A Most Bitter Pill" December 5, 1992
"The Curse" December 12, 1992
"Judgment Day" December 19, 1992
"Eye of the Storm" January 9, 1993
"Vendetta" January 16, 1993
"The Hurting" January 23, 1993
"The Burning Times" January 30, 1993
"The Specter of Death" February 6, 1993
"Cross-Fired" February 13, 1993
"Patient Zero" February 20, 1993
"The Chains of Forever" February 27, 1993
"In the Beginning" March 6, 1993
"Brotherly Love" March 13, 1993
"An Eye for an Eye" March 20, 1993
"Yo Ho Ho" March 27, 1993
"Heart of Stone" April 3, 1993
"Romancing Arcane" April 10, 1993
"Swamp of Dreams" April 17, 1993
"Heart of the Mantis" April 24, 1993
"That's a Wrap" May 3, 1993


  • Series aired at 10:30 pm on the USA Network from 1990-1993.
  • The short-lived Swamp Thing animated series first aired on April 20th, 1991, following the season one episode of the live-action series, "The Prometheus Parabola", which aired on April 5th. The final episode of the animated series aired on May 18th of that same year, prior to production of season two of the live-action series. Although the programs aired at different times, the Swamp Thing still holds the distinction of being the only DC Comics character-specific franchise to have two television programs in production simultaneously.
  • Early episodes were filmed at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.
  • The character of eleven-year-old Jim Kipp proved to be very unpopular with audiences, and he was soon replaced with his older stepbrother, Will.

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