Sweet Tooth was a fictional character in a comic strip in the British comic Whizzer and Chips, first appearing in January 1973. A "Whizz-Kid" in the comic, and about a boy who has a fixation for sweets, continually hounded by Greedy Greg (originally Bully Bloggs), it joined Buster after Whizzer and Chips merged with it in 1990. It remained in the comic until the end, a rerun by this time.

A main feature of the comic was the prominent front tooth that the character always displayed.

Though other artists, including Vic Neill drew strips from time to time, Trevor Metcalfe was the main artist throughout, though Jack Edward Oliver included Sweet Tooth on the last page of the final issue of Buster in January 2000, explaining that Sweet Tooth's "sweet tooth" eventually went bad from all the sweet eating.

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