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Tales from Riverdale was a comic digest magazine by Archie Comics Publications, first printed in 2005. The format changed from the old books, with Tales from Riverdale having one multi-part feature story, and the rest reprints or new stories.


The first issue was in the form of a school scrapbook, depicting the events of the previous year at Archie's school, Riverdale High.

Issue #3 introduced the manga version of Josie and the Pussycats.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch stories were also present in this digest, but in the format of the animated series and Sabrina: Friends Forever. In this version Sabrina was made 12 again by Repulsa, Queen of the Goblins, and the stories follow her adventures as a pre-teen. The Spooky Jar and Uncle Quigly were also present. Hilda Spellman and Zelda Spellman were much younger too, most likely in their mid-to-late teens. These also ended up appearing occasionally in Betty and Veronica Digests.

Wendy Weatherbee's first appearance was Tales From Riverdale Digest #10 (2006).

Issue #22 featured a story titled "Civil Chores." In this story Archie, Jughead and other friends go head to head on the issue of allowance: one side wanting their allowances raised, the other side saying no, but possibly with an ulterior motive. Originally meant to be a two-part story, it ended up as a three-part story.


The title ended in August 2010 with issue #39, along with all four regular-sized digest titles, to make room for two new double digest titles.