Quote1 Our destruction has been prophesied, but our destruction will not come. Not as long as we have officers as equipped as yourself -- and the new Ion. Quote2
-- Guardians of the Universe

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Synopsis for "The Ultimate Lantern"Edit

Kyle Rayner addresses the Guardians and questions them about their recent actions during the Sinestro Corps War. They tell Kyle that he was only intended as a temporary host for the Ion entity, and now they have selected a new torch bearer, the Daxamite Sodam Yat. They ask Kyle to give Sodam some advice on how to handle the power. Kyle finds Sodam and the two discuss their varying beliefs on how to handle the Ion power. Suddenly, Kyle's old nemesis Alexander Nero appears and a fight breaks out. Sodam uses the Ion energy to convert Nero's yellow energy to defeat him. As the fight concludes, Kyle flies off to meet with Guy, John and Hal. He tells them that he is now a Green Lantern once again. Further, he is a member of the Honor Guard and is partnered with Guy Gardner.


  • This issue is alternately known as Tales of the Green Lantern Corps: Ion #1.


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