Appearing in "Was He a Voodoo-Man?"Edit

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Synopsis for "Was He a Voodoo-Man?"Edit

A photographer questions if the recently deceased ruler of a nation in the West Indies was a practitioner of Voodoo.

Appearing in "Simon Garth Lives Again"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Donna Garth
  • Miranda Garth
  • Brian Stockwood
  • Bruce Mason
  • Gyps (Only in flashback)
  • voodoo cultists
  • policemen
    • Sam Jagger
    • Det. Paulter
    • Billy-Boy
  • Moira Mason (Only in flashback)
  • Teddy Masterson (Only in flashback)
  • Papa Shorty (Only in flashback)
  • Smythe, Garth's butler
  • Anton Cartier
  • Charles, Garth's chauffeur




Synopsis for "Simon Garth Lives Again"Edit

Continued from last issue.. The Zombie takes the morally wounded Layla to Papa Doc, where the voodoo master proclaims that Lalya is not going to survive her head injury. After a moment alone to tell Layla so, she is upset that she cannot save Simon Garth from his curse of being a Zombie. However, she decides to sacrifice her soul so that the Zombie can at least spend 24 hours in his human form once more.

The ritual is a success, and Simon Garth is restored back to normal, however Layla's body is taken away by the Lao in the process. With 24 hours back to normal, Simon is grateful for at least that much time and decides to spend the time tying up the loose ends in his life that have been unresolved every since he became the Zombie. His first order of business is calling the police and reporting the Voodoo practitioners who turned him into the Zombie in the first place, and they are all rounded up and arrested.

Simon then decides to do something for Anton Carter, Bruce Mason, getting back at Mr. Six and also helping out poor Teddy Masterson. Returning to his mansion, he is greeted by his butler who is shocked by Simon's return. He informs Simon that his daughter is to be married today.

Appearing in "A Day in the Life of a Dead Man"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Day in the Life of a Dead Man"Edit

Attending his daughters wedding, Simon meets with Anton Carter and explains what's going on, gives his daughter his blessings for her to marry Bruce Mason, and reconciles with his ex-wife. He then pays a visit to Garwood Industries and meets with his business partner Brian Stockwood. He tells Brian to sell his half of Garwood Enterprises and have it split three ways among his wife, daughter and Teddy Masterson and leaves as abruptly as he appeared. He then pays a visit to the nightclub owned by Mr. Six. There Simon reveals who he really is to Six, and then shoots him dead with a gun, and manages to escape Six's nightclub but draws the attention of the police, who have connected him with the murder of the swingers as well as the murder of Six and decide to go after him.

Appearing in "The Second Death Around"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Second Death Around"Edit

Simon returns to his home where he is confronted by Anton Carter and his wife about his killing Mr. Six. Simon finds that he is slowly changing back into the Zombie, and when the police arrive he allows the transformation to complete and uses his strength to fight through the police cordon and escape in a car. The Zombie drives to Papa Doc's home where he opens the Gris-Gris bottle it's power killing him before Papa Doc or Anton Carter can stop him. With the Zombie finally dead, the two men bury their old friend.

Appearing in "Herbie the Liar Said it Wouldn't Hurt"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Gregory

Other Characters:

  • Herbie (Death)
  • Gregory's mother (Death)

Synopsis for "Herbie the Liar Said it Wouldn't Hurt"Edit

The horribly deformed Gregory is sent out to chop wood with his brother Herbie. As they are cutting down a tree, Gregory swings too hard and accidentally strikes his brother in the head, killing him instantly. When he returns him, his resentful mother doesn't bother listening to his story about how Herbie was accidentally killed, whips the boy and locks him up in the shed. That night he is visited by the ghost of his dead brother, who tells Gregory that he has to destroy the misery in his life. The next day when his mother comes to badger him some more, he takes some garden shires and kills her in cold blood.


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