Tears from Heaven
Cover of Tears from Heaven
Publication information
Publisher Fantagraphics
Genre Alternative comics
Publication date January 1988
Creative team
Writer(s) Los Bros Hernandez
Artist(s) Los Bros Hernandez

Tears from Heaven is the fourth album of the American comics series Love and Rockets written and drawn by Los Bros Hernandez, Gilbert and Jaime, and published in 1988.

The cover of the compilation is by Gilbert Hernandez, the back cover by Jaime. Gilbert and Jaime's brother, Mario Hernandez, does not participate to this book, except for one cover.


These stories are dated 1983-1988.

No. Title Author Pages Comments
1. Tears from Heaven Gilbert Hernandez 15
2. Penny Century: On the Road Ag'in Jaime Hernandez 16
3. Amor y Cohetes Jaime 5 Title means "Love and Rockets"
4. Isidro's Beach Gilbert 8
5. Locas Starring Hopey Jaime 8
6. Slug Fest Gilbert 5
7. Ready Set Go Gilbert 1
Cover Gallery Mario, Gilbert & Jaime 4 Color part
8. Locas Jaime 4
9. Ecce Homo Gilbert 16
10. T42 Jaime 3
11. Locos Jaime 4
12. Retro Rocky Jaime 5
13. Rocky: Where Are We? Jaime 3
14. Rocky's Birthday Jaime 14
15. The Reticent Heart Gilbert 11
16. The Many Faces of "Big" Danny Chesterfield Gilbert 4


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