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The Gordanians have come to Earth seeking to find a Dodo bird for their habitat collection. They have no idea that the Dodo has been extinct for generations. But while the stupid Gordanians terrorize a zoo in search of the Dodo, they find a Tamaranian female – Starfire. They begin chasing her across Jump City back towards Titans Tower.

Beast Boy meanwhile, has been playing a lot of pranks recently on his fellow Titans. So when he sees the Gordanians chasing Starfire, he tries to warn the other Titans. Naturally, they just think this is one of his pranks.

Beast Boy learns that the Gordanians have come in search of a Dodo. In order to distract them from attacking Starfire, Beast Boy transforms into a Dodo bird. While the Gordanians begin chasing him, the other Titans finally realize what is going on. They band together and chase the Gordanians back into outer space.

After which, each of the Titans kick Beast Boy in the tail for his constant pranks.



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