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-- Starfire

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  • Goth (First appearance)


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Synopsis for "My Crummy Valentine"Edit

The Puppet King abductsStarfire. He calls out that, after he has taken all five Titans, he will rule Jump City.

On the street, the rest of the Titans notice their friend being dragged away and chase the Puppet King.

Raven ends up saving Starfire, but sends the alien hero into a pink window filled with Valentines Day supplies. Raven heals Starfire with her power, and Starfire asks what Valentine's Day is. Raven mocks the holiday by saying how it forces affection. One of the janitors that are forced to clean the mess in the store room overhears their conversation and depressingly agrees with Raven. They instantly get along and arrange a date.

The Titans begin heading home and Cyborg tries to convince Raven and Starfire that Valentines Day is fun. Beast Boy agrees but only because he likes the candy and chocolates involved. Starfire is interested in these "dates" Cyborg speaks of. Cyborg gets the idea that Robin should take Starfire out on a date for Valentine's Day so she gets the full experience.

In the garage, Robin is getting ready for his arranged-date. Cyborg and Beast Boy are giving him advice, some pieces better than others. Robin tells them that he has gone on plenty of dates before so it's nothing new to him. Cyborg asks when, and Robin doesn't say anything. He has been caught in his lie.

Starfire enters the garage, excited for her date. They both go on Robin's motocycle and the Boy Wonder says they're going to the arcade.

The arcade is crowded with children and the two heroes try to move through. Starfire is oblivious to the awful date location and still exclaims with joy. Starfire then begins to question the location when Raven is seen with the goth janitor she met earlier.

Starfire loses Robin in all the confusion. Robin is actually just playing "Boogie Revolution" and all of the children are surrounding his location. Cyborg arrives and criticizes Robin for ditching Starfire. Beast Boy then arrives and questions Robin's knowledge of dates. Robin changes the subject and asks why they are there.

Starfire finally finds her lost date and the two leave. Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to stay in the arcade and play the games. Beast Boy begins to play the Claw Game and immediately wins a prize. As the claw pulls up, it is revealed to be Puppet King!

On the pier, Robin and Starfire continue their date. Robin argues with one of the carnival game owners because the man wouldn't let him play. The man says that Robin is too good at the game to continue playing.

Starfire ends the fight by bringing Robin to the Tunnel of Love. They both get into the boat and begin to move. Starfire asks Robin why he is so upset. Is she doing something wrong? Robin says she's doing fine and not to worry.

Inside the tunnel, Starfire admires the happy singing dolls while Robin comments how creepy they look. Suddenly, the Puppet King climbs out of the water. Robin and Starfire prepare for battle. Puppet King then presses a button and all of the dolls in the tunnel turn and attack the heroes. The two Titans defeat all of the dolls and make their way out of the ride.

Beast Boy and Cyborg arrive. Robin, at first, yells at them that he doesn't want any more date advice, but they are not there for fun. They are under Puppet King's control now. Puppet King demands his Titans to attack.

Starfire and Robin try to talk Cyborg and Beast Boy out of it, but they won't listen. Robin and Starfire get the advantage. Robin notices a small arrow in Cyborg's neck that Puppet King must be using to control them. Robin takes out the arrow in Cyborg's neck and the Puppet King immediately lose control.

Starfire chases Beast Boy and Puppet King and hits both of them with a starbolt. They fall into a cafe where Raven and the goth boy are on their date. Raven gets up and uses some of the broken ceiling wood to capture the Puppet King.

The rest of the Titans arrive, break Beast Boy from the Puppet King's trans, and begin to talk. The gang is suspicious of where Raven has been all day. She denies being on a date with the goth boy. The gang catches her in her lie and sees Goth Boy holding flowers and a stuffed animal. The flowers read, "To Goth. From R."

Starfire realizes that Raven is on a date as well. Starfire says that, next time, Robin should talk to Raven about dating advice. The story ends.



  • The dancing game that Robin plays is a parody of Dance Dance Revolution.
  • In the claw game that Beast Boy plays, there is an alien toy from the movie Toy Story in it. It looks almost identical to the movie counterpart, except it has blue skin and not green.

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