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Quote1.png I said think before you speak! And look before you leap, my impetuous brother! Quote2.png
-- Thunder

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Synopsis for "Storm"Edit

Beast Boy and Raven are coming back from the market with supplies for a picnic when they spot the bad weather. It is revealed to be Thunder and Lightning in the middle of a heated argument that becomes a fight and once again, they begin to wreak havoc on the city.

Robin orders the Titans to talk to the two brothers, but they can't seem to get their attention until Cyborg uses his sonic cannon on Thunder to call their attention. But then Lightning retaliates attacking Beast Boy and both he and Cyborg start fighting them, while Raven is left putting out the fires caused by their trail of destruction.

Starfire then tries to reason with Beast Boy, whom attacks Thunder, but Lightning sees that as an attempt to strike Thunder and hits her with a bolt, making Robin angry and so he enters the conflict as well and so the four Titans and the two brothers fight until Raven uses her magic to surround the fighters with darkness so they stop the fight.

The two brothers then apologize for the destruction and don't seem to recall the reason of their fight. The Titans also clear out the air realizing they only made things worse and the story ends with Lightning making a peace offering of Pizza.



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