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The Teen Titans are in London for a Command Performance wherein they would meet the Queen of England. However, when her royal scepter is brought out it is pilfered by the Titans old foe the Mad Mod. However, their attempt is a failure and all the Titans are easily thrown for a loop by their foe. But how did the Titans get to this point? Turning the clock back a few hours before....

The Titans had arrived in England to be present at the Command Performance and they decide to split up and do their own things before going to the ceremony, they are given new costumes as well as a gift. Robin checks out the sights and soon finds himself trapped into the Tower of London.

Back in the present, Kid Flash chases after the Mad Mod and some of his goons racing in a truck and chases after them. As he tries to match their speed he finds that his speed power is slowing down and is forced to borrow a motorcycle in order to keep up. In spite of wiping out, Kid Flash manages to track the crook and his gang to a pub called the Chalk Charger. He over hears them say that they stashed the scepter in a location known as the Horses Ear, although Kid Flash recovers it, Mad Mod and his men get the drop on him and knock him out, recovering the stolen loot.

Overhearing that Mod was going to go to "The Monsters Bathtub" he radios the other Titans, and since this location is a body of water, Aqualad is dispatched out to try and recover the scepter and finds himself also trapped and shackled up in a well, however he is rescued with the help of a friendly sea creature. When Wonder Girl goes to "Druids Delight" a Stone Henge like formation, she also tries to get the scepter but is also easily defeated by the Mod who makes off with the prize. The Titans soon realize that their weakened abilities stem from the costumes that they were given which had halved their powers.

The Titans track down the Mad Mod and his men, who appear to have betrayed him and thrown him down into the ocean below, Aquaman would dive in after him to recover the Mod and the scepter. However, this was just a decoy and Kid Flash and Wonder Girl both track the Mad Mod to his underground base where they easily defeat the Mod's gang. When the Mad Mod tries to escape, he finds himself in a tunnel that is rapidly filling up with water and has to be rescued by Aqualad.

With the Mod and his henchmen defeated the Teen Titans return the scepter to the Queen and receive her commendation. Later when Robin is finally freed from the Tower of London he curses his being trapped, figuring the other Titans had a great time, little knowing of the adventure they had together.



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