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Other Characters:

  • Electric Blu (Mentioned)
  • Human Cannon (Mentioned)
  • Negative Girl (Mentioned)




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Synopsis for "The New Teen Titans, Part 4"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Teen Titans: Titans Around the World trade paperback.
  • Miss Martian appears next in Teen Titans (Volume 3) #39.
  • Zachary Zatara's appearance in this issue takes place prior to his appearance in Teen Titans (Volume 3) #34. He appears next in Teen Titans (Volume 3) #39.
  • This is the first Post-Infinite Crisis issue of the series that does not have the "1 Year Later" banner on the cover.
  • The origin of the brain is revealed in this issue. The Brain reveals that Robotman's steel body was orginally designed for him, not Cliff Steel. As the story is told from the Brain's point of view, its validity is suspect.
  • The Brain makes reference to three other characters whose lives were ruined by Niles Caulder; the Human Cannon, Negative Girl and Electric Blu. To date, none of these characters have yet to be make an actual appearance.
  • Superboy (Kon-El) died in Infinite Crisis #6. Wonder Girl tried to resurrect him by way of an Earth-based Kryptonian cult in the pages of 52.


  • The tagline for this issue is "Hell Hath No Fury... Like Kid Devil!"

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