Quote1.png The Church of Blood will rise as nonbelievers die in anguish. Trigon will smile upon us. And that, mother... is when we'll really get started. Quote2.png
-- Brother Blood

Appearing in "The New Deal Part 2: Born in Blood"Edit

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Synopsis for "The New Deal Part 2: Born in Blood"Edit

As civil war tears Hell apart, Brother Blood finds the chance to escape. Kid Eternity is present and tries to stop him by summoning the spirit of the deceased Tula, aka, Aquagirl. Eternity's power is weak however, and she only remains long enough to dole out one punch. Brother Blood attacks a demon and draws from him enough power to open a portal to Earth.

Brother Blood arrives in San Francisco and finds himself squaring off against a group of Teen Titans that he's never encountered before. He attacks Red Devil and steals his power, only to discover that Red Devil's blood has been tainted with the power of Neron. Wonder Girl ensnares Brother Blood in her Lasso of Lightning and nearly incapacitates him, but Blood frees himself and escapes through a portal.

He then goes to New Castle, New Hampshire, where he finds a fellow cult member named Elaine. Attacking her, he decides that Elaine shall now serve as his new "mother".


  • This issue shipped on January 28th, 2009.
  • Bombshell, Misfit and Traci-13 are not recognized members of the Teen Titans at this time. Technically, Blue Beetle is not a member either since he never officially joined the team.
  • New Castle, New Hampshire is not to be confused with Newcastle, England.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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