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Telistocc Nuclear Power Facility

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Telistocc Nuclear Power Facility

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Telistocc Nuclear Power Facility


Built during the Soviet era, Telistocc once provided nuclear power for everyone within a 400-mile radius. However, a freak accident caused a fire, which led to a core breach and a near-meltdown, and several cases of cancer. The plant, and the town, were soon after abandoned.

Years later, the plant became the base of operations for terrorists Monsieur Mallah and the Brain, who turned it into a factory for their cloning business. This lasted for a while, until the Outsiders managed to infiltrate the plant and attacked. Though Mallah and the Brain initially subdued them, they escaped, and Mallah and the Brain's associate Dr. Sivana had the facility destroyed in an effort to hide his connection to them.



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