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To be placed next to character appearances in comic issues. These characters appear in a recap flashback only.

All RecapOnly tags will sort the character into the "Minor Appearances" subcategory by default.

Users should differentiate between flashbacks that add something new to continuity or not. Flashbacks can be described in different ways:

  • A brand new flashback that reveals something new and previously unrevealed (Adding to continuity).
  • A flashback that recaps a past event that has been previously seen in another story (Not adding to continuity).

Please make the distinction before using the RecapOnly or FlashOnly tags. Proper formatting is as follows:

A Flashback that DOES add to Continuity:

* {{FlashOnly|[[Peter Parker (Earth-616)|Spider-Man]]}}


* {{apn|[[Peter Parker (Earth-616)|Spider-Man]]|Amazing Spider-Man #ABC|Web of Spider-Man #ABC}} {{FlashOnly}}

A Flashback that DOES NOT add to Continuity:

* {{RecapOnly|[[Peter Parker (Earth-616)|Spider-Man]]}}
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