This template is intended for use in formatting a cell of a table into looking like a mini-infobox containing a link to an article and, possibly, an image. It was initially designed for use in family trees (e.g. Allen Family).

To use, place:

{{smallbox|Article Name|Article Alias|Image Name}}

inside a table.

The "Article Alias" and "Image Name" are optional. If "Article Alias" is not provided, the template will just use "Article Name".

For example:

 | {{smallbox|w:c:dc:Kal-El (New Earth)|Action Vol 1 847.jpg}}

would produce:

Action Vol 1 847.jpg

Note that the smallbox has a rowspan and colspan of 2. That is, it takes up the equivalent of 4 normal cells in a table, arranged in a square, as can be seen in the following example:

Action Vol 1 847.jpg
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