Quote1 Oh, quit whining. You're still alive, aren't you? Quote2
-- Ravager

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The Terror Titans visit the offices of Chairman Vundabar of the Dark Side Club. Vundabar and his cronies Steppenwulf and DeSaad do not appreciate the way the Clock King has been using unpredictable metahumans in the combat arena. The Clock King eventually grows weary of listening to the older men bicker and unleashes two razor-barbed spheres which decapitates Vundabar and Steppenwulf.

Later, Ravager engages in a training session with the other Terror Titans. None of her new teammates like her at all, and they cannot understand why the Clock King insists on keeping her around.

Time passes, and the Dark Side Club hosts several more fights. Ravager defeats TNTeena, Aquagirl defeats the Face, Terra defeats Zatara, Pristine defeats Offspring, Hardrock defeats Gypsy, Young Frankenstein defeats the Son of the Fallen, Sapphire defeats Argent, and the new Star-Spangled Kid defeats Poprocket.

Later, Dreadbolt goes on patrol with the Persuader. Persuader asks him questions about his father, and Dreadbolt reveals that he is expected to assassinate his father Bolt and take his place. Moments later, Dreadbolt turns down an alley and comes face to face with his father.


  • This issue shipped on November 5th, 2008.
  • Includes DC Nation #138 (Under Construction).
  • Copperhead's first name is revealed as Nathan in this issue.
  • Disruptor's first name is revealed as Angelica in this issue.
  • Includes flashbacks from Dreadbolt's childhood.
  • It was previously believed that Young Frankenstein had been killed after having his arms ripped off by Black Adam during World War III. This issue illustrates that Young Frankenstein is still alive and has had his arms re-attached.


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This issue is a part of the Dark Side Club crossover theme, circling around a gambling club for metahuman fighting, primarily younger heroes. The club is run by Boss Dark Side, and his crew. Dark Side Club ties into Final Crisis.

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