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Terry Fitzgerald is Spawn's former best friend and husband to his ex-wife, Wanda Fitzgerald. Terry would do anything to protect his family.

Terry found himself in a triangle of confusion between the corrupt Jason Wynn and mafia leader Gravano's rage for retribution. Wynn blamed Terry for stolen warehouse goods that were actually taken by Spawn.[1] When Wynn received pressure for this snafu, rather than admit mistakes he used Terry as a scapegoat and sent men out to monitor is activities and send threats against Terry.[2] The mafia blamed Terry for a string of murders against mobsters that were actually killed by the Violator.[3] The mob sent several man out to lure Terry to a location to meet with their enforcer OvertKill.

When the Mafia and CIA spotted each other, a shootout occurred. The two CIA agents were killed furthering Wynn's case to make Terry look like he's a criminal. The Mafia members told Terry to meet them in an alley or else they would kill his wife.[2]

In the alleyway, OvertKill quickly knocked out Terry and Spawn. They were saved by Twitch Williams shooting Overtkill through the ear with a bullet, scrambling his programming. Twitch called in the situation to headquarters but Wynn's men intercepted the call and ran to the alley to confiscate Terry.[4]

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  • The character is named after a long term employee and friend of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. Together they started the McFarlane empire of companies together in 1992 in Portland, OR. First in line was a comic book company in 1992, a toy company in 1995 and an entertainment company in 1997.



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