Real Name
Current Alias
Mighty One; the Mighty Tharg
Marg (sister); nephews; grandmother (oldest reader of 2000 AD)

Unusual Features
Green skin
Marital Status
Editor of 2000 AD; former Head of State
Place of Birth
Quaxxan, sixth planet of the Betelgeuse system
First appearance

2000 AD prog 1


Tharg came to Earth from the world of Quaxxan (which he left because of "the exorbitant rates") to deliver the gift of thrill-power to Earthlets everywhere with his peerless publication, 2000 AD. Aided by his loyal staff of art and script robots, he has been bestowing thrills on us since 1977 (except for that period with the Men in Black which we don't talk about).

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Total mightiness; flight; can exist unaided in space.


Can deliver Rigelian Hotshots to uppity droids or cheeky Earthlets.

Strength level



Occasionally let down by his incompetent staff.



Rosette of Sirius implanted in his forehead, a sub-space communicator which can emit subsonic modulations.

Appearances, Images, and QuotesEdit


Rumours that Tharg was originally a human named Kelvin Gosnell wearing an unconvincing rubber mask are scurrilous lies intended to undermine Terrans' faith in the Mighty One, as are the continuing rumours that since then 'Tharg' has merely been an alias used by a succession of human editors. These disgusting falsehoods should not under any circumstances be believed.


  • Tharg's arch-foes are the Dictators of Zrag and the psychic pests known as the Thrill-Suckers.
  • He has had a number of Droid assistants over the years, including Aaln-1, Burt, Cyb-Aud, Ig-Roid, Bish-Op and Roxilla, as well as at one time employing both Ro-Jaws and Mek Quake.
  • Every year Tharg travels to his home planet of Quaxxan for the ancient Ceremony of T'Chooma — the receiving of thrill-power. This takes place each year on his birthday, June 21st (on Earth's calendar).
  • Tharg sheds his skin once every ten years.
  • The colour of Tharg's eyes varies depending on what he is looking at. They go a beguiling shade of purple whenever he looks at a window cleaner.
  • Tharg's home planet is warmer than Earth, so while he is here he wears thermal underwear.
  • Tharg eats PVC, especially in the form of plastic cups.
  • Tharg occasionally features in his own strip, Tharg the Mighty, which has been drawn by artists such as Henry Flint.
  • In prog 620 an Earthlet called Dean Jones won Tharg's hand in marriage. As far as we know, the wedding has not yet taken place.
  • Due to Tharg's supreme arrogance, he is indirectly responsible for the tragic death of Alec Trench. Shame on him!
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