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Spider-Girl is trapped in a "pile of super-goo" courtesy of Hobgoblin. Crimelord threatens Hobgoblin about interfering with his auction. He begins arguing over the fact that the files belong to him since he discovered them. Crimelord signals a sniper to shoot at him. This results in his glider getting blown up. As the bidders begin getting riled up, Hobgoblin tells Mindworm that it's time to move into action. Mindworm surprises Hobgoblin by saying that he's decided to step out of the shadows and make his own play. The Kingpin's files will help ensure that. Through all this, Spider-Girl just wonders what else could go wrong.

At the hospital, Benjy is about to go into surgery. Mary Jane is concerned because May said she'd be there. Peter calls her but she's still trapped. Mindworm informs Crimelord that he already has control over the sniper. He tells Crimelord to simply hand over the file. Hobgoblin gets tired of the bickering and throws a bomb at Spider-Girl, telling them they should act like bad guys and kill the superhero. Mindworm is upset because he had plans for her. He orders everyone to kill Hobgoblin but Spider-Girl springs into action to prevent that. She figured out that Hobgoblin meant to free her so they could team up. Spider-Girl now finds herself working with the last person she thought she'd ever be fighting besides.

At a diner, Wes meets up with Davida. She tells him that things aren't working out. He said it sounds like she's breaking up with him. She tells him you have to be a couple before you can break up. She also notes that they couldn't be a couple since he's so into May. She says everyone knows it, except probably May herself. Davida tells Wes about Benjy's operation and that'd be the best time for him to be there for her. He'd better let her know how he feels since Gene has been trying to patch things up between them.

Back at the old theatre, Peter finally gets a hold of May. He can tell she's in the middle of a fight and contemplates getting his old costume to help her. He then decides that he has to have faith in her. She is the Web-slinger now, not him. Spider-Girl manages to punch Mindworm which loosens his control over the others. The NYPD then arrive and everyone scatters. Spider-Girl tries to follow Crimelord as he escapes out the back.

As Crimelord runs away, "he" is stopped by Charlie Kurkle. He tells Crimelord that the files are his as he holds a gun to him. Crimelord then surprises Charlie by the fact that he knows who he is. Crimelord says he can explain everything but they have to get out of there. Before Charlie can ask why, he is shot from behind. Deadspot the assassin is there to demand the files. Crimelord drops to his knees, rushes to Charlie and removes the mask. Barely clinging to life, Charlie is surprised to see that Crimelord is, in fact, Mona Claro, his girlfriend. Spider-Girl arrives to prevent Deadspot from getting the files. She doesn't feel like going up against Spider-Girl again so she disappears. Using her spider-sense, she manages to spin webs on where the invisible Deadspot is. This causes her suit to short out. They begin fighting and Spider-Girl demands to know who put out the contract against her.

Spider-Girl turns her attention back to Charlie and Mona. She notes that Mona's the only one talking now. Mona says that she never had the files. She was just going to collect the down payment and disappear. The police and Drasco arrive to take Mona away. He tells Spider-Girl that they arrested everyone, although they'll be free as soon as they call their lawyers. Hobgoblin got away and Mindworm disappeared.

Hobgoblin does manage to find Mindworm through his disguise. Grabbing him by the neck, he is angry that he betrayed him. Mindworm says it was a momentary lapse in judgment but Hobgoblin can't get over the fact that he kept yelling "Kill him" over and over. He tells him that he always prepares for things. He put a subcutaneous bomb at the base of Mindworm's neck before. Mindworm pleads to make a deal. He tells him that he knows Spider-Girl's secret identity. Hobgoblin doesn't buy it. He presses a button on a device and Mindworm goes down. Now that the entire underworld probably wants him dead, Hobgoblin figures it's time to head to the Caribbean for a while. He says he will return.

May arrives at the hospital just as Benjy's surgery ends. The doctor comes out and tell them it was a success. Benjy's hearing may have been completely restored. May is relieved beyond words. Wes arrives to take her down to the cafeteria. As they embrace, she notices Gene has arrived. She leaves Wes and runs over to Gene. She tells Gene she shouldn't have given up on him and wants to do whatever it'll take to make things work. Poor Wes walks off alone.


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