Quote1 I under-estimated you, Spider-Girl. You have a guardian angel. Quote2
-- Hobgoblin

Appearing in "The Hobgoblin and the Hostage"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Hobgoblin and the Hostage"Edit

While trying to decode the disk, May Parker dodges her best friend in rtelling the real truth of dropping out of the student council elections. Meanwhile, at Deacon's Comicbook Shop, an actrees was hired to help promote a new Spider-Girl comic book when Hobgoblin crashes the party and mistakens the actress as the real heroine. Spider-Girl gives chase and saves the actress and starts a showdown with Hobgoblin, but a third interrupts forcing Hobgoblin to leave. Spider-Girl hands the Fisk's Disk to Detective Drasco and comes clean to her parents about the truth of crime fighting as the web-slinger. Peter Parker is surprised, but how will he react...


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