Quote1.png The people you pissed off were hardly going to be satisfied with a bullet in your heads. Quote2.png
-- Last Call

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As the G7 Authority settles into their new jobs, the fate of the original Authority is revealed, and it's much worse than mere death. Apollo has been given to Last Call as a punching bag; the Doctor has been reduced to an action figure while the Surgeon opens up the Garden of Ancestral Memory to franchise developers; Swift and Engineer have been brainwashed into abused wives; Jack Hawksmoor has been thrown out onto the street, and is a homeless beggar without his powers; and Midnighter is supposedly dead. Unfortunately for the G7 Authority, though, nobody (including Seth Cowie) managed to find the Midnighter's corpse... but, the last untouched Authority member has been living in hiding with Jenny Quarx as he prepares to battle the G-7 Authority and those who wronged him and his team.


File:Dubya and Seth.jpg

The original artwork of Seth Cowie with President George W. Bush.

  • This issue suffered multiple delays. The first was caused by the departure of Frank Quitely, after which the four-issue "Transfer of Power" story arc was introduced in order to give Quitely's replacement, Art Adams, time to catch up. However, by the time #27 was ready for release in September 2001, September 11th happened, and Adams was forced to make many changes to the art to please a squeamish DC. Among the changes:
    • The second panel on page four, originally a long panel showing Teuton flying through several super-teens and tearing them apart, was instead turned into two panels of him throwing the super-teens into the sun.
    • The bottom panel on page five, in which the Colonel kicks the head off one of the super-teens, was changed to remove detail from the victim's face.
    • The third panel on page six was airbrushed to remove the appearance of Rush's right nipple.
    • The third panel on page eight originally showed various derogatory signs outside the Colonel's room; these were removed from the final version.
    • The bottom panel of page eight originally showed that the Colonel had received the corpse of Jenny Sparks for his own pleasure. This was changed to three Sparks lookalikes.
    • The top three panels on page thirteen original showed Swift cleaning the dishes with her tongue. This was changed to her slaving over a chicken dinner and a souffle.
    • The bottom of page thirteen originally showed Swift's master/husband using her tongue for an ashtray. In the final version, he puts out his cigar in the souffle.
    • In the original script, the President appearing in this issue was President George W. Bush. In the wake of September 11th, these were all changed to a president who resembles Merkin Muffley from the film Doctor Strangelove.


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