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Jack Hawksmoor is at the Carrier's communication room watching the events unfold around the world. He hears a news of killing of a woman murdered in her home in New York City's hell kitchen identified as Kate Bradshaw, whom Hawksmoor immediately knows her as his face is filled with shock.

Hawksmoor travels to the crime scene of Bradshaw's home where he reads the building, revealing that he and Bradshaw were lovers and as well of how the murder was started. He then hears a commotion outside where two thugs are harassing a woman, a prostitute, for not doing her 'business' as she was looking after her son. As they threaten the woman, one of the thugs reference to Bradshaw's murder. Hawksmoor then enters the scene and beats up the thugs and as well obtaining a lead to Bradshaw's killer.

Back on the Carrier, Angela Spica identifies Bradshaw's killer to be Tyler King, a absolute ruffian who emerges as Hell Kitchen's crime boss. Angela ponders Jack as to who is Kate Bradshaw. Hawksmoor tells his story that he and Bradshaw were probably the closest thing to a real relationship he ever been in. Jack and Kate had known each other while growing up in Hell's Kitchen and was the only person who doesn't treat him as "Weird Jack" since he was bestowed with his powers by "aliens". After losing touch with Kate for a few years while in a government institution, and having his powers tested against his will, he returned to New York and got back together with Kate. However, the relationship didn't last long when Kate became pregnant. Fearing that their child would born with deformity from Hawksmoor's genes, Hawksmoor and Kate decided to have an abortion. Three months after the termination, the couple were heavy with guilt over what they had done and eventually separated. Angela let Jack to complete his duty to avenge his lover's death given with information provided by her and console him that she and the Authority are there to help if he needs them.

Tyler King is inform by the news of Hawksmoor's intervention and doesn't feel worry over this (given that he doesn't know who he is dealing with). Hawksmoor intercepts King's limo and subduing his thugs. He confronts King and demands why he killed Bradshaw, which he explains that he killed because she was convincing his prostitutes to come clean. When Hawksmoor identifies himself to King, the crime boss mocks him pointing out that as a 'superhero' he never even bother to spread his justice in a crime ridden Hell's Kitchen. Seeing that he is right, Hawksmoor transforms and beautify Hell's Kitchen as Kings sinks into the street and 'drowns' into the pavement. As dawn approaches over New York, the people of Hell's Kitchen gathers and applaud Hawksmoor. He tells the be-grateful people that "the rest's up to [them]" before entering a shift-door.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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