The China Shop
Silly Symphonies series
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Directed by Wilfred Jackson
Animation by Art Babbitt, Ben Sharpsteen, Cy Young, Roy Williams, Jack Kinney, Louie Schmitt, Leonard Sebring, Dick Lundy, Frenchy de Tremaudan, Dick Heumer, Archie Robin
Studio Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s)
Color process Technicolor
Running time 8 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The China Shop is a short animated Disney cartoon, it was released in 1934 in the Silly Symphonies series. The short was directed by Wilfred Jackson[1] and is told to be a step ahead in the character staging for the age, because of the thoughful opening scene in which the shopkeeper closes the store, contrasting with the broad kind of movements made by the time.


It's closing time at "Ye Olde China Shop". The china pieces come to life to dance. A china demon kidnaps a female figurine, the male figurine tries to rescue her and a fight ensues. The demon is defeated as he is broken into pieces. The next morning when the owner arrives and sees the damage he sells the china as antiques.


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