Howard Post (November 2, 1926[1] – May 21, 2010),[2][3][4] aka Howie Post, was an American animator, cartoonist and comic strip and comic book writer-artist.

Post is known for his syndicated newspaper comic strip The Dropouts which had a 13-year run and for creating DC Comics' Anthro.

The Dropouts


Howard Post's The Dropouts (July 20, 1970)

The Dropouts was a comic strip created by Post and was syndicated by United Features Syndicate from 1968 to 1981. Post began the strip at the same time his comic book Anthro was canceled. The premise of The Dropouts was a variation on the "stranded on a desert island" gag. The two main characters, Alf and Sandy, were indeed castaways, but the island is hardly deserted: One of the strips' running gags was how closely the natives' society resembled Western civilization. Other characters, all natives, included a one-man police force, a doctor and a chef running a cafe with inedible food. There were other Western characters, including a religious zealot, an angry feminist and a disheveled alcoholic, Chugalug.[5]


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