Quote1 There’s a reason they call us the Filth. Our people are often exposed to sick places, bad people, unnatural things. Quote2
-- Mother Dirt

Appearing in "02. Perfect Victim"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Greg Feely aka Edward “Ned” Slade

Supporting Characters:

  • Officer Miami Nil


  • Spartacus Hughes

Other Characters:

  • Mother Dirt
  • Dmitri, Comrade-9
  • Bio-Ship “Sharon Jones”




Synopsis for "02. Perfect Victim"Edit

Slade is told by Mother Dirt that “Greg Feely” was just a constructed, off-duty persona, that she is his superior officer, and that he is being assigned to a new elite team that he will be commanding. First task of the elite team is to take down Officer Spartacus Hughes, which Comrade-9 does, no thanks to Slade. Slade questions who he was before he joined The Hand and quits.


  • The Filth is published under DC's Vertigo imprint and is suggested for mature readers.
  • The Filth is a creator-owned series, owned by Grant Morrison and Chris Weston.


  • Edward Slade is Special Officer 999 of The Hand.
  • I-LIFE is a nano-species. A prototype slave race with wide applications in microsurgery and genetic design. Bee-like in their simplicity; nothing much beyond a simple brain relay and a camera. A whole swarm of them can be guided anywhere in the body by a skilled surgeon. (quoted from The Filth Vol 1 #2, page 10, panels 1-3)

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